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Delivery Driver - Braddock Food Systems Collaborative
Pick up food from food pantries and deliver to recipients
Braddock, PA
Delivery Coordinator - Braddock Food Systems Collaborative
Call, text, and email food pantries, delivery drivers, and food recipients to arrange food delivery. Coordinate times and share contact information among players. Coordinate delivery of masks, cleansers, handouts, etc. on occasion as needed. Update spreadsheet
Braddock, PA
Outreach Phone Calls - Braddock Food Systems Collaborative
Call participants from the Neighbors Helping Neighbors database to identify current needs and offers. Update database with information, report summary to supervisor.
Braddock, PA
Hazelwood Food Security, Refreshed
Work on 4501 Sylvan Avenue site, to turn collected food waste in to compost though our hot grid-composting process
Pittsburgh, PA
Minority-Business Enterprise Protection Program Development Liaisons
involveMINT is seeking a team of ChangeMakers interested in bettering their community by with minority-owned businesses that are recent recipients of a Minority-Business Enterprise Protection Program (MBEPP) award. These businesses received up to 10K of community currency (CC)  to help with startup or expansion of their social enterprise. The businesses are primarily women-owned and are focused on community health and wellness promotion. Each business produces food or other products that are locally sourced and/or educational services promoting healthy living including nutrition, emotional and financial wellness, spiritual living and physical health. Roles are available in the following areas: Social Media Associates to develop and manage web-site and social media promotion of products and services. You will receive training in social media from a local business and receive ongoing support from involveMINT in working with awardees.  Garden & Soil Associates to work on pruning and harvesting of land and assist with land remediation services Tending to seeds, watering, turning soil.
Pittsburgh, PA
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